Customer Reviews

Thank you so very much for disk No. 2 of my 40th.  A truly professional job.  [L.G., 2011]

Hi Phil. Just a quick note of thanks for your services filming my graduation. I am thrilled with the end result. The quality both of the video itself and the editing/DVD are outstanding. This will be a treasured memento that I'm sure will be pulled out in years to come to show family and friends. Needless to say I'll be using your services the next time I have an event whose memories I want professionally captured and preserved. (G.C., 2012)

... like the great job you did on the Srs. of Charity records for me ... I am now playing that CD often during the Season.  It is kind of sad, for such things of the past will never be repeated.  [J.B., 2010]

Thanks for the amazing job converting my old home videos to DVD! I am amazed at the quality you were able to get from those old Hi-8s. And, the editing is exactly what I wanted. Everything from the menu to transitions to credits and music really takes my home videos to the next level. I would highly recommend your services to anyone with old tapes gathering dust and slowly decaying. Thanks Phil! (G.C., 2012)

I think what you selected is perfect.  Thanks for doing that and being attentive to the detail( that is what this is all about).  Sometimes when you mention the length of time different parts of this are taking I am amazed at your tireless dedication.  I know I would do the same but it is nice to see those qualities in others.  This is going to be a work of art and a treasure to honour.  I am eagerly looking forward to previewing it.     [H.R., 2011]

Along the way though, we managed to watch all the remaining Campbell Family Video series and I am very pleased to report that they were all perfect. The girls both said a BIG thank you to you for all the effort and said that their children would view these results before they were done. Excellent job - thanks Phil.  By way of contrast, the girls' mother had the limited amount of video she had taken over the years digitized at Blacks some time ago and we watched all of that as well. It was terrible. Your craftsmanship and the obvious detailed care you took while creating these DVDs just shines though. You should be very proud of your work.  (M.C., 2013)

Thank-you for the professional results you managed to achieve using my less-than professional VHS tapes I had transferred my movies to. Now we will be able to enjoy our family treasures for years to come. (P.T., 2013)