Why convert your old VHS and camcorder tapes to DVD?  The obvious answer is that VHS players are an endangered species.  Other reasons are that DVDs are more compact, offer scene selections, don't require rewinding, don't jam, etc.  The most important reason is: tape decay.  If you do a web search of "VHS life span", you will be amazed at the number of hits.  In my case, I got 14,200,000 when I searched in February 2012.  As an example, here is one link to an objective report on the subject:  As you can see, tapes can decay significantly in only two years.  The normal rule of thumb is that there will be significant audio/video quality after about ten years of normal home storage.  These are your priceless family video memories and they are decaying.

The solution is to convert your tapes to DVDs.  Please visit my "Conversions" page to obtain more information about what I can do to help you.

We all have old favorite LPs that we just cannot purchase in CD format.  I can convert your LPs to CDs so that you can play them in your CD/DVD player.  Once converted to CD, your music can be then converted to .mp3, .wma, or a host of other digital formats.


If you have a special event, like a wedding, family reunion, etc., I can provide videographic services in both high definition or standard definition.  Please consult my "Videography" page for details.


If you are having problems with your computer, put my 25 years of experience with computers to work for you.  I can configure new computers, diagnose the problems with older computers, and invariably improve their performance.  I can help you understand the basics of managing and using your computer.  Please click on the "Computer Consulting" link to learn how I can help you with your home and business computers.