To prevent further VHS and camcorder tape decay, the logical choice is to convert your priceless family video memories to DVD.  Unlike large companies that convert tapes to DVDs using automated equipment, I am personally involved in every step of the conversion process, from the "capture" of the analogue (tape) video, which digitalizes the audio and video, to the final burning of the DVDs and preparation of CD/DVD labels and case inserts, in the case of custom conversions.  I do the capture, I do the editing, and I do the production.  I see every frame of your video at least twice, once during the capture and once again during the editing process.

The capture is done in "real-time", meaning that if your tape is one hour long, it will take me an hour to capture it in digital format, after I have set up my equipment.  The editing usually takes much longer than the actual tape duration.  Depending on the degree of customization, a one-hour tape can take three or more hours to edit.  Then the edited project file must be produced/rendered, and then finally burned to a DVD or a Blu-ray disk (BD) and the requested number of copies made.

A full range of customizations are available to you, the customer.  You can have an introductory menu, scene selections, introductory and closing credits.  Subtitles can be inserted into the video to identify persons, places, and dates.  Transitions between scenes or images can be inserted and special effects can be added. Bad and other portions of video can be removed.  Talk to me about the many possibilities that you have to really "personalize" your videos.

A custom soundtrack of music of your choice can be inserted into your video at either background (low) or normal volume.  Often with the commercially-produced VHS conversions of home movie films, "elevator" music is placed on the VHS soundtrack.  Customers often request that I remove the entire soundtrack and replace it with music of their choice, which I can do, providing that they own a copy of the music that they select.

With LP to CD or .mp3 format, conversions, there is no editing; however, if there are one or more tracks on an LP that you don't like, they can be omitted.  So for music conversioins, there are just the capture and burning steps, plus labels and title inserts, if customization is requested.  Generally, the conversion of an LP to a CD or to .mp3 format files requires about two or three hours.

I use quality hardware and software to do the conversions.  I take the time to do it right, sometimes twice!  One customer had a VHS tape of her daughter's wedding that she wanted converted to DVD.  The original VHS tape that the customer provided had been recorded in EP (6-hour) mode and the quality was very poor.  I did what I could with image enhancement tools, produced the DVDs, and sent them to the customer, along with my recommendation that she try to find another copy of the VHS tape because I was not happy with the results.  It turned out her daughter had a copy of the VHS tape as well, but the daughter's copy was the original tape recorded in SP (2-hour) mode.  The customer sent her daughter's VHS tape to me.  The quality was much better.  I redid the entire project for her at no additional cost to ensure that she, and I, were pleased with the wedding DVDs.

Please note that I do not do conversions of film (8mm and 16mm) to DVD format.  If you have camcorder tapes in other than Hi-8 format, I can convert them, providing that you can supply the camera that originally shot the video, or one similar to it.  There are various formats of camcorder tapes.  In the case of mini-DVs, I can convert them to standard DVD or BD, if you can supply the camera.


Please contact me about your requirements to see if I can help you with your conversion needs.  I have done conversions for satisfied clients in Canada and the United States.