This sample was filmed in VHS EP mode (6-hour, lowest quality).  In addition, the camcorder was not feeding the tape properly, resulting in video stutter and frame jumping.  The videographer pans too quickly and there are other issues with the video quality.  Unfortunately, image stabilization could not be used because of the date/time stamp embedded in the video, although even aggressive image stabilization could not compensate for the fast panning.

The example is three minutes of an eight-minute military parade sequence, which took several hours of frame-by-frame editing to eliminate the frame jump and to reduce the video stutter.  Of course, when bad frames are removed, the video will jump ahead and the audio track is affected.  One must work within the limitations of the source video and the available video editing tools to attempt to find a balance that improves the quality overall from the original.  It is recommended that you view the original source video (unedited video), and then view the edited version (custom video).  My thanks to the client for permitting me to use this video sequence as a sample.


Additional samples will be added in future weeks.  Please check back.