I specialize in taking informal group photographs of family gatherings, and special events. The price is most reasonable and you own your images. Most photographers make their money by retaining the rights to their images and charging you for each copy made. Sometimes you can negotiate to obtain rights to the images, at considerable additional cost, and normally only after a year or more has elapsed.

Since the services that I provide are not my primary source of income, I can provide you with high quality images at a fraction of the price of a full-time professional photographer.

I don't have the expense of a studio (most of my photographs are taken outside in natural light). Hence, I don't take formal indoor portraits since I don't have the umbrella lights and backdrops found in professional studios.

I am asked about wedding photography. My specialty is wedding videography, and since there is only one of me, I can't do a good job of both. If, however, you don't require my videographic services, we can discuss what your photographic expectations are and whether we think that I can meet your requirements.

As you can see from the "Hardware" column, I use a high quality, semi-professional Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, with two "prime" lenses: a 50 mm and a 24 mm (wide angle). Coupled with the Nikon image software, the resulting photographs are much better than can be obtained with a pocket or compact digital camera.

If you want quality photographs of your family or of a special event, please contact me to see how I might be of service.