Slide Shows

Have you thought of creating DVD slide shows of your favourite photographs, both digital and print?  Many people find that these make excellent gifts.  They are also often created for wedding receptions for "roasting" the bride and/or groom.  Some schools and organizations create DVD slide shows as mementos; or, in the case of historical images, to preserve their photographs.  Historical documents can also be scanned and added to the DVD.

Subtitles can be added to DVD slide shows identifying persons, places, and dates.  Transitions and special effects can be added as well as introductory and closing credits.  Image enhancement can be done.  Sound tracks and narration or voiceovers can be added.  Company or school logos can also be added to all, or a part, of the DVD slide show.  For companies, DVD slide shows can be an excellent marketing tool.

If you consulted the "Rates" page, then you will know that the price is variable for slide shows and you might well ask why?  The answer is that the amount of work varies.  If I am supplied with digital images, it is much less time-consuming.  If the images are in print format, then each one must be scanned and cropped, and possibly enhanced, before being added to the DVD project file.  Another price consideration is the amount of customization requested.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and the options available to you.  Once I know what you want, I will quote a very competitive price and you can be assured that I will personally create your DVD slide show to your specifications.

Click on the link below to see a 3 minute, 10 second extract my family's eight minute video slide show.  This DVD project gave one of my siblings the idea to ask me to create a 118-image slide show of her family, with a custom soundtrack.  She gave the DVDs to her children and relatives as presents for Christmas.  She selected the photos and music.  What a unique and historical gift!

Family Slide Show DVD