Do you have a special event, such as a wedding, a family reunion for which you would like to have professionally produced video record in either high definition (Blu-ray) or standard definition (DVD)?  We can discuss your requirements.

My videographic services include full editing and DVD/BD production to your specifications.  I have 19 years of experience in videography.  Let me put my experience and knowledge to use for you.

In my conversion work, I have seen many substandard videos made by non-professionals.  Shaky video, out-of focus, panning and zooming that is done too fast, video that is too dark, videographers who talk through the entire video as if they were starring, etc.  Why would you save a few dollars and settle for an inferior video record of your special event?

Please contact me to discuss your options.


Click the link below to view a clip of  handheld, high definition video of Heather and Morag and the view from our home on 590 Marble Hill Road, Port Hood, Nova Scotia, Canada, taken in 2009.  Note that if you do not have a high definition graphics card and monitor (1920 x 1080 resolution), then you will not be able to fully appreciate how clear and detailed high definition video really is.  Please be patient awaiting the loading of this 41-second clip - the .mp4 file size is 65 MB.  Depending on your Internet browser, it might take approximately six to eight minutes to download on a standard DSL connection, and then it will play automatically in your browser.  HD files are very, very large.  When the video file finishes playing, click the back arrow on your browser to return to the website, if necessary.  You can also view the YouTube version, which is not quite as crisp and detailed, due to the video compression employed by YouTube, but the video will play instantly.

HD Video Sample

YouTube Version